Create a Legacy in Stone

At Create a Legacy in Stone, we’re more than a brand; we’re a heartfelt commitment to celebrating the stories that connect us, etched forever in stone. Our family includes Little Falls Granite Works in Little Falls, MN; Murphy Granite in Richmond, MN; Hibbing Monument in Hibbing, MN; and Duluth Monument in Duluth, MN. Each of these companies, rich in history and passion, joins together under our mission to craft “everlasting stories in stone for people who matter by people who care.” Every year, we’re honored to assist over 8,500 families in commemorating their loved ones, weaving their unique tales into the fabric of eternity.

Our team, a robust family of 43 full-time employees and over 150 Authorized Memorial Consultants, provides unparalleled service in memorial consulting, design, manufacturing, and installation. Our roots trace back to 1898 with Little Falls Granite Works, evolving through the years and through the hands of visionary leaders like Ron Nagel and Ray Calhoun in the 1960’s, and later in 2005 by their sons Todd Nagel, Scott Nagel, and Don Calhoun. These second-generation custodians, alongside their dedicated team, have elevated our craft to extraordinary heights, even in the face of challenges that tested our resolve and passion.

Little Falls Granite Works stands as a testament to our enduring foundation, navigating through a century of change yet remaining committed to excellence in craftsmanship. From its speculative origins to becoming a cornerstone of our community, its story is a rich tapestry of innovation, collaboration, and legacy.

Murphy Granite Carving, born from Tim Murphy’s vision and dedication, has grown from humble beginnings to a beacon of artistry and innovation. Our journey from a tiny garage to a leading monument company reflects our commitment to quality, creativity, and the personal stories of those we honor.

Duluth Monument Company began with Leo Koski’s ambition and has flourished into a symbol of compassion and connectivity in memorialization. Our story is one of resilience, personal connection, and the profound impact of trusting relationships on our growth and success.

Hibbing Monument Company tells of a land rich in granite and history, where the legacy of the community and its people are immortalized in stone. From its early days to the stewardship of Cay Hanley and Mary Doherty, our commitment to compassionate, empathetic service remains unwavering.

At Create a Legacy in Stone, we are more than craftsmen; we are storytellers, guardians of memory, and architects of enduring legacies. Join us in honoring the stories that shape our lives, forever preserved in the beauty of stone.

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