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Duluth Monument Company

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Create A Legacy in Stone is a group of granite memorial companies that includes Duluth Monument Company. Our location is in Duluth, Minn.

The experts at Duluth Monument Co. create memorials that help families, individuals, and groups remember, honor and share memories of their loved ones.

Our memorial products include a variety of headstone styles, urns, benches, reflection stones, and other gifts and keepsakes. Our talented team will work closely with you to personalize your granite memorial or keepsake to tell the story of your loved one accurately and with care.

A Look Back

Leo Koski started Duluth Monument Co. in 1982 after getting laid off from his work in the mines. While searching for a new career that would allow him to flex his leadership skills and connect with members of the public, the monument business was suggested to Leo, and his journey in granite carving began.

The initial years proved to be more difficult than Leo imagined, but the turning point came in 1987 when his elementary school teacher, Mrs. Avis Opine, walked through his door to purchase a memorial for her husband. Leo credited Mrs. Opine as the most influential person in his early childhood, and her trust in him so many years later meant the world. Now understanding that the monument business was truly an act of compassionate care for his community, Leo’s business flourished from that moment on. To this day, Leo finds the greatest gift he can receive is helping families find closure and assisting in telling the story of their loved ones.

As Duluth Monument Co. grew, Leo expanded his reach to the Iron Range and the North Shore. Recently, Nicole Seybert joined the company with 17 years of experience in the cemetery, memorial, and funeral industries. Nicole represents the next era of Leo’s legacy, one that prioritizes empathy and a passion for easing the burden of difficult times in the lives of others.

When you choose Duluth Monument, you are choosing a team of folks that truly love what they do. Over four decades, we have assembled a diverse and highly-skilled team of talented designers and master stonemasons dedicated to compassionate storytelling in stone. Whether you choose a permanent cemetery memorial or a granite keepsake for the home or garden, you’ll find that empathy and personal care are the cornerstones of our approach. We are honored to create memorials that tell the unique story of your loved one’s life to be cherished for generations to come.

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