Upright Headstones

Upright memorials offer the greatest selection of size, shape and artistic character.


What is an Upright Memorial?

“Upright” is the industry term for a memorial grave marker that is designed to stand upright above the surface of the ground. They are what we most likely imagine when we think of “headstones” or “gravestones”. Upright memorials offer the greatest range of size, shape, and opportunities for artistic expression in the telling of your loved one’s story.

An upright consists of three parts: tablet, base, and foundation. The tablet is set vertically and is usually 6” or 8” in thickness/width. The base elevates the tablet and protects it from lawn mowers. The foundation is set level with the ground and is designed to keep the memorial upright over time.

Upright Memorial Sizing

The overall size of a memorial is limited only by budget and the rules and regulations of the cemetery. Memorials also cannot be larger than the burial space; a standard burial space is 4 feet wide and a two-grave lot is typically 8 feet wide.

For individual upright memorials, the most common and standard size is 24” L x 6” W x 20”H but can be made larger or smaller.

For companion upright memorials, the most common and standard size is 36” L x 6” W x 20” H. Companion memorials can range in size more broadly than individual memorials and lend themselves to creative use of the burial space.

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