Traveler Logo 2021

The Traveler is “Leading the Journey” on becoming the Best Version of Ourselves!

The Traveler at an angle scaled

Godzilla – King Kong – Iron Man have nothing on The Traveler. This stone God weighs in at 71,200 pounds and stands over 12 feet tall. The Traveler is a powerful symbol of imposing strength, security and might. The nomadic Inuit people in Canada used stones just like the Traveler as signposts to guide them on their journey across the frozen tundra. The Traveler is “Leading the Journey” on becoming the best version of ourselves. Just like the Traveler we can guide, teach and inspire those we love and care about. We can also discover and learn from others. Stop by and post a selfie next time you’re passing through. The Traveler needs you by her side to fight for what is right and just.

The Traveler is located at the Little Falls Granite Works 10802 South Hwy 10, Little Falls, MN 56345. We recommend you go to THE TRAVELER ON FACEBOOK to take a selfie post how you are “Leading the Journey” to be the best version of yourself.