Lawn-Level Memorials

A classic and economic memorial.


What is a Lawn-level Memorial?

A “lawn-level”, also called a “footstone,” is the industry term for a memorial that is flush with the ground, i.e. installed at “lawn level.” Lawn-level markers are typically the most economical choice of memorial, but also have less room for design and lettering.

Lawn-level memorials often feature a cement foundation and mowing border to protect the marker. They are also available with a deluxe granite edge, which does not require cement. Our memorials benefit from being crafted in granite, which is much stronger than cement and does not crack or shale over time.

Our custom lawn-level memorials are crafted using the domestic or international granite color(s) of your choosing. The Create A Legacy In Stone team is happy to show you our selection and help you make the right decision for your unique design.

Lawn-level Memorial Sizing

The overall size of a memorial is limited only by budget and the rules and regulations of the cemetery. Depending on the rules of the cemetery, lawn-levels can be placed at either the foot or the head of the lot; individual lawn-level memorials are customarily placed at the foot of the lot.

For individual lawn-level memorials, the most common and standard size is 24” L x 12” W x 4” H but can be made larger or smaller.

For companion lawn-level memorials, the most common and standard size is 36” L x 12” W x 4” H. Companion memorials can range in size more broadly than individual memorials and lend themselves to creative use of the burial space.

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