In the wake of losing someone you hold dear, a monument that pays tribute to the life they lived is a poignant gift. It is a timeless gift that will remind everyone who sees it of the deep love this person had from their family and friends.

Create a Legacy in Stone can help you discover, design, and create the perfect headstone to commemorate the one you love. If you want to consider every possibility, don’t miss our top picks of the most inspiring and creative monument design ideas.


Choosing the Color and Shape

When selecting a headstone, one should consider color, as there are many choices. The most common are:

  • Mesabi Black. This color is dark and has beautiful grain structure and works wonderfully for showing contrast in carvings and letter.  The fact that the stone is quarried in Northern Minnesota adds a heritage aspect to the memorial that often reflects the loved one’s fondness for these specific colors. It can also show that they stood apart from others in your mind and heart.
  • Barre Grey. Most headstones are traditionally gray, giving this color option a timeless appeal. It is a peaceful color that reflects the sadness of those left behind. This stone is quarried in Vermont and is extremely popular throughout the east coast region.
  • Jet Black: The color black is bold. It looks distinguished when set among other stones, which could be perfect if your loved one stood apart from others in life.
  • Carnelian: This vibrant reddish-brown granite is one of our most popular granites due to its warm, earthy tones. Carnelian is sourced locally from nearby South Dakota and has been a prized choice for many years.

The choice of colors is endless, giving you the opportunity to select the ideal options for your beloved’s memorial stone. It’s important to note that the stone’s color may vary slightly depending on its type.


Deciding on the Type of Stone

Granite is undeniably the most common type of stone for a memorial stone. It is very durable and requires little to no maintenance. However, you’re not limited to granite stones. Some other memorial material choices include:

  • Marble: Many people choose marble headstones because of their natural beauty. They are also easy to work with, meaning they may have intricately carved designs or unique shapes. The challenge, as time passes, is that they may need maintenance to maintain their beauty.
  • Bronze: If you’re after simplicity, a bronze headstone might be the perfect choice. It’s typically used for lawn-level monuments or as plaques attached to another type of stone.

You have many options for selecting a stone type. Whether you prioritize low maintenance or personal preference, we can help you narrow the choices to find the right stone.


Finding the Perfect Inscription

Often, the hardest details are the most important. The inscription matters whether you want it to say a simple “In Loving Memory” or prefer something more meaningful, like “Loved by Many, Missed by All.”

There are stones inscribed with witty remarks, short poems, quotes, photos, and unique lettering. Each option pays a special tribute to the person whose name is listed on the memorial stone. Choose something that resonates with you and suits their personality.


Celebrating Lives with Distinctive Memorials: Create A Legacy in Stone

Selecting a monument is deeply personal. You know your loved one best, and the choices fall on your shoulders. We are here to make it as easy as possible during this difficult time.

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for a creative monument design for your loved one, we can help. Reach out to Create a Legacy in Stone, and we will walk you through the various options you have.

Image Credit/Stanislaw Mikulski