Funeral preplanning ensures that end-of-life services are carefully orchestrated and executed according to your wishes. At Create a Legacy in Stone, our primary area of expertise is memorial planning and creation. While we don’t offer funeral preplanning services, we do have firsthand knowledge about funeral preplanning and have worked closely with funeral homes over the years. Here are some insights and recommendations that we have learned along the way for preplanning a funeral.

What is Funeral Preplanning?

Funeral preplanning involves making decisions about your memorial service and final arrangements before the time comes. It’s a thoughtful and considerate act that provides you with peace of mind and eases the burden on your loved ones during an emotionally challenging time. By preplanning funeral arrangements, you can anticipate logistics (such as costs, transportation, a final resting place, memorial venues, etc.) so your family can manage it without stress or worry – all they must do is put the plan into motion.

Significant Life Events

Major life events, such as marriage, the birth of a child, or retirement, are often ideal times to reevaluate priorities and consider the legacy you want to leave behind. As your family grows, you may want to think about the guidance you can provide to those you leave behind.

Change in Health Status

Whether facing a chronic illness, a sudden diagnosis, or the natural aging process, changes in health status can be an unwelcome reminder of life’s fragility. Preplanning during a time of stable health allows you to make decisions with a clear mind, put your wishes in writing, and relieve your family of difficult decisions while mourning.

Estate Planning

Estate planning and funeral preparation often go hand in hand. As you take stock of your assets, liabilities, and overall financial standing, end-of-life arrangements often come into question. Preplanning your funeral as you discuss your estate allows you to allocate resources appropriately and protect your legacy.

Age Milestones

While age alone might not dictate when to begin funeral preplanning, celebrating a certain number of years can serve as a natural milestone for contemplating end-of-life arrangements. Perhaps in your thirties, you start by setting up life insurance; in your fifties, you open discussions about a final resting place, type of service, and how to personalize your memorial; in your seventies, you fine-tune the details so your family can carry out the plan with ease. No age is too young to start funeral preplanning. Having a plan in place can offer a sense of assurance and control amidst the unpredictability of life!

Create a Legacy in Stone

One part of the funeral pre-planning process is the memorial – that’s where we come in. With a rich history of serving families with compassion and professionalism, Create a Legacy in Stone is committed to guiding you through the process of preplanning your granite memorial. Contact us to start preplanning today!